Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Year 12 Art Exhibition Opening

Costumes and Painting based upon The Tempest by William Shakespeare

At last! Here are the photos of the art show which was the presentation of my art practical.

I designed and sewed these two costumes and created the painting in the background for the practical component of my year 12 visual arts course, all based on the play, "The Tempest" by the one and only William Shakespeare. If you are not familiar with the storyline and characters, Ariel is a sprite whom is controlled by Prospero, the rightful duke of Milan who also happens to have magic powers. Whenever he is practicing magic, he wears a "magic garment," which is what the blue, starry coat represents. The production which I designed for was wanting contemporary costumes. My Ariel costume was heavily influenced by belly dancing garments as I felt the actor playing Ariel had this movement quality during rehearsal. The three dark cloaks were designed for the three spirits which appeared numerous times during the play.

Costumes for The Tempest

Prospero's Coat and Painting

Ariel Costume

Ariel's Costume: Beaded Neckline

Prospero's Coat: Back Design

'Awakening': a painting inspired on Prospero's journey in The Tempest

There is so much depth and thought which I tried to place into these costumes and as much as I'd love to spill it all out to you, I'm afraid that it would not make much sense. If you have any questions or thoughts, I'd love to hear from you! The entire process was very fulfilling and I am unbelievably proud of them and very happy with how they turned out!

If you would like to see some more photos you can check my Flickr photostream.

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